100 Years On The Housatonic River

A century ago, Falls Village Hydroelectric Facility began operation, producing electricity for factories 60 miles away. Today the station is part of a hydro system in western Connecticut that can power 120,000 homes for a year.

Energy Infrastructure in Mexico

On the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with PEMEX, Gérard Mestrallet (second from left) said: “A central part of our strategy is to accelerate our presence in fast growing markets, and Mexico is clearly a very attractive one.”


When operational in 2018, Cameron LNG—a GDF SUEZ partnership project in Hackberry, Louisiana—will substantially expand our Group’s LNG portfolio with an additional 4 million tons per annum through our long-term liquefaction capacity stake in the facility.

Twin Peaks

Our LNG facilities outside of Boston continue to deliver the natural gas that New England needs to meet cold-day peak demand. We’re the most efficient, cost effective option there is.


Environmental Manager, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Ask Carolyn Pittman about her day at work and she might say she passed a moose while driving there or saw a bear or bald eagle after she arrived. As environmental manager, based in Markham, Ontario, Pittman is responsible for ...