Part of the global energy group GDF SUEZ, we manage a range of energy businesses in North America, including:

  • Natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution and sales
  • Electricity generation and cogeneration
  • Retail electricity sales and related services to commercial and industrial customers, small and large
Energy at Work for Neighbors & Customers

GDF SUEZ Energy North America brings clean, safe, reliable energy to customers and communities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Active in North America for more than 40 years, we are a pioneer in the LNG industry, a leading retail energy player, and a seasoned operator of environmentally sound, flexible power generation plants.

Natural Gas & LNG

The largest supplier of LNG to North America, GDF SUEZ has long been a pioneer in the modern LNG and natural gas industry.

Since receiving our first LNG shipment in November 1971 at the Everett Marine Terminal just outside of Boston, Mass., the company has been a driving force in the adoption of this safe, clean-burning fuel. In the 1970s, GDF SUEZ employed LNG to mitigate New England’s regional energy crisis. In 2000, the company introduced LNG to Puerto Rico. In 2011, the Everett Terminal provided LNG to the first LNG commercial vehicle refueling station east of the Mississippi River.

Fueling Growth of LNG in North America

Today, after more than 40 years and 1,000 cargoes, GDF SUEZ continues to expand its customer reach. The Everett Terminal serves nearly every natural gas utility and key power producer in New England. In addition, LNG has become increasingly attractive as a fuel for long-haul trucks, marine vessels, and other vehicles, and for the heating, power, and process needs of businesses without access to pipeline gas. With the Everett Terminal’s truck-loading bays able to fill more than 25,000 truckloads a year – as well as a new LNG fueling station specifically built to serve heavy-duty trucks – we’re uniquely prepared to serve small-scale customers.

In Mexico, GDF SUEZ is the second-largest Local Distribution Company operating six facilities located in eastern and central Mexico and serving approximately 400,000 customers. Also striving to lead growth in that country’s market for natural gas usage in vehicles, the company serves the first natural gas vehicle station in Querétaro, Mexico, in addition to two vehicle natural gas stations in Mexico City.

With a 460-mile system of natural gas pipelines in the central region and southeastern peninsula, GDF SUEZ is also Mexico’s second-largest pipeline operator.

Wholesale Power Generation & Retail Electricity Sales

In the United States, Canada, and Mexico, we own and/or operate power, cogeneration, steam and chilled water facilities – nearly 90% of them producing no or very few carbon emissions – representing a capacity of about 13,000 MW of electricity generation, 3.4 million pounds of steam, and 37,000 tons of chilled water. View the video How Do You Prepare the Energy Mix?

We also are one of the largest retail electricity suppliers to commercial and industrial customers in the United States, providing energy for nearly 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Today, we serve approximately 60,000 accounts for customers having a peak demand ranging from 50kW to more than 200MW. Our brand ThinkEnergyTM serves small business electricity customers. 

Key figures:

No. 1 LNG importer and terminal operator in North America

No. 2 private regional gas transmission and local distribution company in Mexico

A Top 5 commercial & industrial electricity retailer in the U.S.

A Top 5 wind farm operator in Canada

A Top 10 independent power producer in the U.S.


Our ambition is to be the energy provider, business partner, and neighbor of choice – and an employer with whom people choose to make a long-term investment with their careers.

We work toward this ambition in our Natural Gas & LNG, Power Generation, and Retail Electricity businesses in North America by making each business a laboratory to test new ideas – to grow, to serve customers and our communities better, and to provide new opportunities for our employees.

With a daily focus on:

                Growing strategically

                Maximizing profitability

                Perfecting safety

                Enhancing environmentalism

                Championing employees

We strive to demonstrate the value of our businesses to all our stakeholders.