Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment

Benefits of Solar Energy

Nowadays, people cannot live without consuming energy. No energy, our wonderful life will go into the darkness with poor civilization and horrible pandemics. The most common energy source is unrenewable including oil, coal, etc. which are called fossil fuels. The more energy we use, the faster it runs out. Since the first industrial revolution, humans have exploited mercilessly that the oil deposit is supposed to be dried up soon.

Depending entirely on finite resources, humans also realize that we are at the peak of mining and will plunge from now on. Therefore, we must pay attention to alternative resources like solar energy which is infinite and green. Hearing that solar energy will play the main role among energy sources, you might not understand clearly why or even how people say that. In this article, we would like to provide the benefits of solar energy to the environment that opens your eyes bigger about this efficient energy source.

What is solar energy?

Unlike non renewable resources, solar energy is regenerated every single day at a very cheap cost. Besides, it is the richest energy source on Earth. We do not need to pay for the sun, but we can receive the energy from it thanks to the photovoltaic effect. You certainly do not feel strange with solar panels on rooftops. This is a part of the solar system that people use to capture the sunlight and exploit the sun’s energy to generate electricity and other solar powers.

For further wonders of the sun’s energy, you may be surprised by the enormous power of this big star. You can imagine the sun as a huge nuclear reactor. Deep inside its core, nuclear reactions produce large amounts of energy that radiate into space in the form of light and heat. Using solar energy sources is truly clean, and good for the environment. Those are important factors in evaluating the uses of global energy sources in the future.

The uses of solar energy

Mining and extracting are redundant when using solar energy. However, without mining how do we get fuels to run the car? Are we going to learn in the dark? Or else, we must use rocks and leaves to make a fire? No, we won’t! Since being discovered, solar energy has been leveraged by ultimate technologies. Not limited to solar lighting, humans thought about solar heating and even transporting by solar energy.

Solar transportation

Trains, subways, airplanes, cars, motorbikes, buses, etc. are popular transportations today. We need to pour oil or gasoline to operate them. The uses of these vehicles bring convenience, and comfort to us. However, it also comes up with smog, air pollution, and costs a lot of money. That may be the reason why humans think about using solar energy for transportation.

Moving under the same sunlight, we have not to worry about the expensive gasoline bills or oil pouring schedules. We are poured freely while running on the road by choosing solar energy. This idea is especially useful in densely populated cities like Beijing where millions of cars and motorbikes are crammed together on busy roads that refueling becomes a nightmare. Using solar energy helps China reduce its carbon footprint much while ensuring transportation efficiency.

Solar lighting

Lighting needs are important simultaneously with transportation demands. We could not do everything in the dark. Bill Gates who is one of the richest people in the world has shared his opinion about life with energy poverty. In which, he told medical stories in very poor light conditions. Flashlight and candlelight are more popular in surgeons than electrical lights.

A thousand students could not study at home because of no light. They go to the streets every night to enter education thanks to streetlamps. The main point is not that they do not want electric lights, it is because they can’t afford them.

Solar heating

How can we live without a heater in bad weather below 0 degrees? Swimmers should temporarily give up their careers during the winter, shouldn’t they? No, we can do anything like usual unless we don’t throw money for the oil or gas bills. Instead of using fossil fuels at a high cost, we have another option to do the same things. Current thermal technology allows us to use solar energy to warm up spaces at a more affordable cost. It can even cool water in swimming pools in hot summers. What’s an amazing use of solar energy!

The benefits of solar energy

Preventing air pollution

Using fossil fuel for individuals, families, industries, humans emit tons of toxic gases into the atmosphere including Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide. Those are the main factors leading to serious air pollution. Whenever we burn fossil fuels, the emissions happen following a chain of effects like a domino game. For example, we refuel oil for our car. Once the car runs, it releases smog into the atmosphere and gradually pollutes the air. Humans and animals breathe this polluted air and get sick.

Recent surveys show that air pollution is increasing rapidly so that ecosystems are threatened seriously. The decline of biodiversity and low crop yields may lead to a food instability situation or even widespread famine. The acid deposition can create acid rains that destroy our forest causing flooding and water pollution.

Air pollution brings immeasurable dangers that initially come from the use of fossil fuels instead of solar energy. Give zero emissions, ensure the same benefits, solar energy is the dominant alternation for the future energy source.

Mitigating climate change

The environment has a natural cleaning mechanism. However, the constant discharge of pollutants into nature makes our planet pay the price. The environment is always stuck in an over-workload situation that impacts the heat of the sun. Temperature changes mean climate changes. Hotter in the summer, colder in winter are usual conditions in recent years. Many scientists and climatologists predict that the weather is going to be more sudden and volatile in the future.

Using solar energy is supposed to be a necessary solution for interrupting the tide of climate change. Humans can reduce tons of CO2 emissions to leave the atmosphere more fresh spaces is a great idea to maintain climate balance. For the most important use of energy making electricity, we are going to emit no toxic gases into the environment whether we decide to use solar energy. The toxic gases are also known as greenhouse gases which are the main cause of the greenhouse effect.

Saving resources

Not to mention as a renewable energy source, solar energy offers fewer resources than non-renewable energy sources like coal, gasoline, and oil. Putting them on the scale, people can see the differences. For example, we would like to make a comparison between solar electricity and coal electricity. The positive result belongs to solar electricity. In which, it only consumes 12 percent of water, uses 1 part 5 of the land and the toxicity index is lower than 95 percent.

Furthermore, most materials of solar systems including solar arrays and battery banks can be reused or recycled well, whereas fossil fuels can be used only one time. The vision of a series of shutdowns for oil companies due to running out of energy sources will never happen to companies that exploit solar energy.

To sum up 

You reap what you sow is a very true old saying for the way people use energy. We used to exploit massively, we benefited from it, but now we also have to bear the heavy consequences of overexploitation. This is the time for a significant change of energy resources. We must use a cleaner and more sustainable source of energy that solar energy is the most optimal choice. Using solar energy not only ensures human needs and wants, but also protects the environment where all humans, animals, or any other living things have responsibilities to preserve forever.