How To Bring A Deep Cycle Battery Back To Life
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How To Bring A Deep Cycle Battery Back To Life?

As we all know deep cycle battery lasts long but we cannot prevent it from dying. Several factors comprise it. Some deep cycle batteries die because of age but some drain out because of unforeseen problems. In this article, we will discuss how to bring a deep cycle battery back to life.

What are the reasons why deep cycle batteries die out?

Before we come up with the different solutions to revive those deep cycle batteries, we need to figure out the cause. As we have discussed a while ago there are lots of reasons why battery dies out.

  • Leakage. You might not notice that your battery has some leakage. This makes the battery inefficient and eventually lost its ability to hold a charge. The bad thing about this is that, if you haven’t take any action on this, the leakage can cause serious problems with health.
  • Surpassed the lifespan. Deep cycle batteries usually last for 5 to 10 years depending on the brand, capacity, and the way you are using it. Once it reached that particular timeframe expect that the battery will die out anytime.
  • Expired battery. There are times that deep cycle batteries sit too long on the store or factory. As a result, the battery surpasses its expiry date thus resulting in the battery dying out.
  • Factory defect. As we all know, there are times wherein the manufacturer does mistakes. In this case, the product’s quality gets compromised.

Those are the main reasons why deep cycle batteries diet out. But you do not have to worry, there are ways for you to bring it back to life.

How to know if your deep cycle battery is dying out already?

There are signs that you can make use of to know that your battery needs to be replaced already. But before you decide to replace it, trying to revive it is a great option.

Let us now try to enumerate the signs that you will notice if your deep cycle battery is about to die out.

  • Holding charge is already difficult for the battery. You will notice that it discharges quicker than it was supposed to be. From that moment, you should be able to determine that the battery is in the point that it isn’t able to hold and utilize the charge well.
  • There is an unusual smell. You will also notice that there is an unfamiliar smell that is coming out of the battery. It only means that the battery’s inside components have already broken down due to heat or age.

Bringing the Battery Back to Life

It might sound absurd and impossible but bringing back a deep cycle battery’s back to life is possible. With the proper methodology and implementation, you can do it.

Let us try to enumerate those steps below.


  • Baking soda
  • Distilled water
  • Epsom Salt
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves

1st step

You must ready the materials needed for this project. You must have a grasp of them on the reviving process so that you can save time and also to make things easier for you.

2nd step

Check the battery’s current charge. You can assume that the result will superbly be lower compared to the newer ones. Take note, you are doing this thing because your battery has died out meaning you expect that it has little or no charge at all.

You will determine the amperes by the load tester. For the RV or other appliances to start, you’ll need a high reading of amperes. The dial must be in the green for you to determine that you have a good deep cycle battery. Most probably yours will be in the red mark because your battery has died out, there is a high percentage.

3rd Step

You must wipe off the battery’s surface to have a clean station to work on. Various elements should be removed such as debris, oil, and other forms of dirt. Corrosion becomes a normal trend for old batteries that is why some good batteries are often mistaken as dead already because it does not get any charge at all. The thing is corrosion is the big factor in why they aren’t getting the charge that is needed to power up your vehicle or appliances. So after cleaning the corroded areas, check if the reading stays at the red mark. If not, you have saved tons of money from buying new batteries.

4th Step

You must remove the battery cap. But make sure that you are wearing safety goggles and gloves before you do this. There are different difficulty levels in removing that cap some require tools for you to remove it while others can be removed by your hands. After you gained access to the inside of the battery, it is now time to remove the acid inside it.

5th Step

Ready 10 oz. of baking soda and 3.7 liters of distilled water then mix them in tiny portions. This will make sure that the baking soda will be mixed entirely to the water.

6th Step

Pour the mixture on the battery’s cells. The mixture can be used in cleaning out the residue inside the battery. It is advisable if you will use a funnel then afterward enclose it again the battery with the caps then shake for about half a minute. Lastly, you shall remove the fluid inside and expect that a lot of dirt and acid will fall off.

7th Step

Use the Epson salt (15 oz.) and another 3.7 liters of distilled water. Do the same procedure from the 6th step. But do not throw out the Epsom salt solution. After that, dry your battery out.

8th Step

Do slow charging but be sure that the caps are off to avoid any kinds of untoward situations from happening. Wait for 24 hours for the slow charging to finish.

9th Step

When the charging has finished, you can now start testing the battery using the multi-meter. Check if it has improved readings. If yes, then it’s now time to do some battery cycling. It only means that you have to fully charge the battery then drain it then fully charge it again.

10th Step

After doing the said steps, then it is now time for you to test the battery. But before that be sure that you wipe off any liquid residues and after that, you can already test your loads there if it will work.


Bringing back a failing deep cycle battery to life is possible and essential if you still do not have the money to buy a new one. Now you know how to bring a deep cycle battery back to life, you can try it out yourself. It does not mean that the battery cannot hold a charge anymore, there are no chances of you reviving it. With the techniques that we have discussed, you’ll have the chances of not buying a new deep cycle battery any time soon.


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